Oral health is important and so is my sanity.

I was originally going to write a blog tonight about our experience at Easton’s first dentist appointment today.  Well…long story short:  X-rays didn’t happen.  He screamed and thrashed and fought and I had to hold him down for the hygienist to clean his teeth.  She doesn’t get paid enough.  He screamed and thrashed and fought and I had to hold him down for the dentist to check his teeth.  Everyone there was wonderfully patient and understanding.  The experience, overall, was challenging…but the staff there made it officially “not horrible.”  THE END.

It has been one long-ass day for several different reasons.  The boys are in bed, I finally get a minute to just breathe, and I decided I don’t feel like writing a deep, thoughtful blog post about dentist appointments and autism and the anxiety and the challenges and the blood-curdling screaming and the fact that I wanted a drink afterward and the errands I ran today that did not go smoothly and how crabby Easton was all day and blah-blah-blah.

Instead, I decided it’s time to play a game!

It’s called “Where did my 7 year-old manage to smear toothpaste NOW?”

When I asked “HOW did you get toothpaste THERE?”, his answer was deep and thoughtful: “I don’t know.”

Damn.  I should have asked the dentist today if he knows of any treatments for toothpaste deficiencies.  They need to add that to the “check yes or no” list on the new patient form.

Toothpaste Deficiency?  YES.  (Please explain.)  It has been a very challenging time in our house.  I have found toothpaste on the wall, light switch, door, his shin, his sock, his butt, under the toilet seat, the floor, the mirror, etc.  PLEASE HELP.

Aaaaaaaand, NOW it’s time for that drink.  Cheers.



2 thoughts on “Oral health is important and so is my sanity.

  1. I don’t know if you remember Trent Waldo but I remember him always having paint from art class on the inside of his shirt on his back. You might see if you can get some tips from him on how to prevent the toothpaste deficincies. Assuming of course that he learned how to prevent it.

    • LOL! Of COURSE I remember Trent Waldo! This is great advice, considering the toothpaste in this picture was in the middle of his lower back. Baffles me. I’ll make sure and ask Trent for solutions. 🙂

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