What Drawing, Toilets, Pacifiers, Forks, and Fish have in common

Sooooo…THIS happened today:

Easton has been doing a LOT of things lately that have left me completely stunned, shocked, in awe, sometimes speechless (this is a rare occasion, so it’s worth noting).

I want to brag about it a little bit.  So I’m going to.


1.  HE WILLINGLY DREW A PICTURE.  By himself.  This. Is. HUGE.

It started when he walked over and plopped himself down in the lap of a girl who was sitting at the table drawing a picture.  (He doesn’t understand social boundaries.  We’re working on it.)  He took the marker she had in her hand and started mimicking her drawing on the paper.  The lid wasn’t off the marker yet, but I didn’t want to disrupt the moment too much, so I quickly took the lid off and stepped away to watch.  He started drawing.

The girl did get up and move to her own chair and I got him another piece of paper.  I tried to force him a little bit to start drawing again, and I thought he had lost interest.  When it was HIS idea, though, he got right back to it.

He drew circles.  He drew lines.  He drew right off the page and onto the table.

I had never seen him do anything like it.

Anyone who knows Easton knows that putting a marker in his hand and “making him” draw a picture is almost a comical thought.  The kid is stubborn as hell.  He will  not do anything he doesn’t want to do.

One thing I’m certain of: He’s been watching the other kids.  He learned through observing.

2. This morning, he opened the toilet lid (I stayed at a close distance…he has been known to play in toilet water)…then HE SAT ON THE TOILET SEAT (fully clothed)…he dangled his legs for a minute…got down, flushed the toilet, and closed the lid.

Ummmmm…maybe all that business of him following me into the bathroom will actually pay off?  (He also follows his friends at school into the bathroom…and yesterday, put his hand in front of another child’s pee stream….like I said, he doesn’t understand social appropriateness, aaaaaaand we’re working on it. To him, this was just as much fun as playing in the running sink water.  Anyway…)  The reason #2 on this list is worth mentioning: I would be lying if I said I’m not dreading potty training Easton.  I always said to myself that I would have to wait for some magical moment where he showed me even an OUNCE of desire to sit on the toilet, since he won’t understand the concept of needing to go potty yet.  I believe this morning may have been that magical moment.   I also believe we have a loooooooong road of potty training ahead of us.

Please pray for me.  There HAS to be a potty training prayer out there somewhere, right?  RIGHT???

(Side note: I’m not kidding.  As I was typing this, I heard the toilet lid slam down.  I went into the bathroom to find his arms wet up to his elbows and his face filled with drops of water.  He looked up at me and smiled that big “WATER IS FUN!” smile.  Okay.  Moving on now.)


My husband gets FULL credit for this one.  He chose to see what would happen if he cut the pacifier out cold turkey while I was away for the weekend.


Also, YES, Easton is approaching 4 years old and used a pacifier until 5 days ago.  I like my sleep.  I wanted him to keep sleeping.  I was scared to take it away.

According to my husband, he didn’t fuss at all for it the two nights I was away.  My first night back, however, Easton got PISSED at me when I didn’t give it to him during our nightly ritual.  My husband went into his room, told him it was time for bed, and that was that.  He also told me maybe I need to think about changing our ritual just slightly, which I did.  (And by that, I mean I now sit on the OTHER end of the bed to sing his song to him…that was apparently enough of a change for Easton to get it that things are a little different now.  Same song, different end of the bed, NO PACIFIER.)

Some of our public outings will get very interesting without one on hand, but we’ll cross that dreadful bridge when we get to it.


Just four months ago, we learned at our parent/teacher conference that he was a bit of a fork thrower.

Utensils actually ANGERED him.

He would send a fork in the vicinity of his plate flying across the room.

I don’t think this one needs any further explanation.  For the first time, he took a bite of food off of a fork.  Just ONE.  And it made my day.

5.  HE ATE A BITE OF….(drumroll, please)….FISH.

I mean, do I even need to say more?  I think most parents are excited when their child tries new things.  My child has a diet mainly consisting of a few meats, bread, and cheese.  Easton trying fish was equivalent to your child trying that vegetable you NEVER thought they would try.

I guess when I say I was “speechless,” that’s technically not true.  That would mean I was without words.  The words were there, they were just up in my head, waiting to spill it all in this braggy blog post.  So, these 5 things I’ve listed in bold print might seem like odd or random accomplishments for an almost-4 year-old.

For Easton, each of these five things (and all the other “little things”) leave me hopeful and proud.

And I just might have to matte and frame THIS to remind me of the little things that are actually HUGE:


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