The “Oh, Shit!” Moments: PART 2

Remember that blog post I wrote that one time (yesterday) about the oh-shit moments we have as parents?  At the end of the post, I mentioned that I’m going to make it a new series on my blog, since I find myself having these moments quite frequently.

Well…I didn’t realize I would be writing Part 2 of this lovely new series the very next evening.

There were 2 oh-shit moments today.

This photo illustrates oh-shit moment #1 pretty vividly:

That’s my son.  He’s eating Cheerios.  Out of the trash can.


I had been clearing off the kitchen counter and threw out a snack bowl of Cheerios since (read carefully) HE NEVER EATS THEM AT HOME.  A few minutes later, as Easton was opening and closing the back door, I hear the faint sound of “crunch, crunch, crunch.”  I thought to myself, “What the HELL is he eating?”  Then…I watched him walk over to what I guess he thought was his new feeding trough and start snacking on the Cheerios at the top.  (And YES, I snapped a quick picture, walked him away from the trough…I mean, trash can…and he didn’t eat any more.)  I wanted the photo for a good laugh later in life, and possibly to send to someone in the marketing field to use as a poster child for “what NOT to do if you’re hungry and your mom doesn’t know it.”

Moving on.  Oh-shit moment #2 of the day.  (Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo to go with this one.)

Toward the end of Keegan’s soccer game this evening, Easton was wandering around.  The last time I looked, he was walking back and forth, loving the way the sun was coming through the chain link fence (I guess…I don’t know).  I was watching Keegan on the sideline with his shirt off (it was really frickin’ hot), twirling it around and having fun with his teammates.  Then, I looked on the field.  Easton was strolling along, directly in front of the goal, as BOTH TEAMS were scrambling to get the ball DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE GOAL.  He was completely, totally oblivious that there were even kids around him.  And, he was wearing red, the same color as Keegan’s team, so he blended in just enough that the boys on the field didn’t seem to notice him.


I ran.  And I’m not a runner.

One of the kids kicked the ball.  It literally flew right in front of Easton’s face.  He flinched a little, smiled, and kept walking.  I finally got to him, and he said, “Hi!”

That’s all for now.  Don’t be surprised if I have a new post for this series every day.

Okay, time to go find supper.  I saw something that looked decent at the top of the trash.


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