The “Oh, Shit!” Moments

Do you ever have those “Oh, shit!” moments as a parent?

I do.  A LOT.  The above photo was an oh-shit moment.

And also one of those “Not getting the Mother of the Year Award any time soon” moments and also “wow, he really could have gotten hurt” moments.

But, back to the oh-shit moment.

I had been sitting out on the deck watching Easton play outside.  I was sweating like a you-know-what you-know-where because of this frickin Nebraska humidity, drinking a beer with a hint of peach to get my daily serving of fruit in (I had raspberry m&m’s earlier, too!), and decided my brain was about to stop functioning because I was so hot.  I had to drag Easton in kicking and screaming because he LOVES playing outside and doesn’t seem to notice when it’s so hot the sweat is dripping into your eyes.

But, I digress.  All I wanted to do was sit under a ceiling fan for a few minutes since the inconsiderate people that built our house 104 years ago didn’t think to put in central air.

I should always, ALWAYS know that when it seems suspiciously quiet in the next room…well, it’s SUSPICIOUSLY QUIET.

I said, “Come on, Keegan, let’s see if Easton wants to go play upstairs.”  Keegan rounded the corner, walked back out with his hands over his eyes and said, “I can’t look!”

Easton had somehow crawled on top of this very narrow cabinet to get to his pacifiers at the very top.  (YES, he’s 3 1/2 and still uses a pacifier when uber crabby and to sleep at night.  I’ll go over THAT in another blog.)

And I said, “Oh shit!”…mainly because, this is not the sturdiest piece of furniture.  Whenever I bump into it (as I often do…walking is tricky!), it shakes and a minimum of three items fall off.  I can’t believe it didn’t tip as he was crawling onto it, and I don’t know how he would have gotten down without falling. 

And now you’re going to ask, “but you took time to take a picture???”

Yes.  Yes I did.  I like having a visual of the funny, oh-shit moments for later in life.

This wasn’t necessarily an oh-shit moment, but it was damn funny.  While on maternity leave, Keegan had found a package of my pads, laid them all out with either a cotton circle or a q-tip on the top, and was pretending to have a restaurant.

This one?  Also Keegan.  At preschool, 3 or 4 years ago, he decided to “build a sand castle in the toilet.”  OH. SHIT.  His preschool teacher, bless her heart, had to scoop most of that sand out of the toilet before trying to flush it.  I felt horrible.  Keegan and I went to the grocery store after work.  He asked me what we needed to buy.  I said, “An “I’m sorry” bottle of wine for Jess because of what you did today.”

I have found Easton elbow deep toilet water.  Un-flushed toilet water.  OH. SHIT.

He figured out how to open the back gate and get into our alley in the back of our house.  OH. SHIT.

Keegan called a girl “Acorn Head” at school yesterday.  OH. SHIT?

And this?

Well…this is the epitome of “oh, shit.”

The list could go on and on.

After this afternoon’s oh-shit moment, I’ve decided to make this a series on my blog.  This is Part 1 (of many).  They will probably be fairly short posts, because sometimes, all it will need is a photo, and the caption, “Oh, shit!”

And, if none of you have those oh-shit moments as parents…well…oh, shit, I don’t even know how to relate to you.  You might not like this series.


One thought on “The “Oh, Shit!” Moments

  1. amen! Bless your heart for being able to laugh. I am not really anxious, but those oh shit moments do it. I live in fear! Thanks again for putting it all in prospective!

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