Mom Fires Son as Bathroom Attendant

BREAKING NEWS: Easton Spence FIRED by his own Mom as her personal bathroom attendant!

In an astonishing turn of events, Anne Spence has terminated her own 3 year-old son from one of his many household duties that he decided to take over.  For the last several weeks, he has taken it upon himself to be quite the little bathroom helper.  He follows her in there, stands by her side, and when she’s done, he flushes, closes the lid, and turns the light off for her.  Although it seemed cute for a while, Anne decided their working relationship needed to come to an end this weekend.

“It just reached a level that I wasn’t ready for,” Anne reported.

She said he was not only standing by her side waiting to “dush,” as he says it, but he was also trying to rest his head in her lap, then handing her huge wads of toilet paper.  When she wasn’t taking it from him, he would actually try to wipe FOR her and put the toilet paper in the toilet.  Then he stood there and said, “Gee koo!” over and over, waiting for his mom to say “thank you!”

Anne broke the news to her son that he needed to LEAVE HER ALONE while she’s in the bathroom, but according to Anne, “he just turned around and walked away.  I don’t think he gets it.  Or maybe he’s in denial.”

Anne also mentioned that, since none of the bathrooms in her house have locks on the doors, it may be a tough habit to break.  “This will be really challenging,” she said.  “We have a long road ahead of us.”

In the meantime, Anne said she will continue to let her son keep some of his other responsibilities around the house, which include closing all the doors (even when you don’t want them closed), following her to the laundry room to open and close the dryer door, turning the sink on and off repeatedly for no reason, and opening every dresser drawer he can reach.

“I love my son.  I still want him to feel useful in our household,” she said.  “Just not in the bathroom.”


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