Little Wonders

I was a basket case on my way to the hospital the day Easton was born.

It was 2 weeks before my scheduled C-section.  I hadn’t been feeling quite right all morning at work.  I can’t describe what it was.  I wasn’t really having contractions.  Something just didn’t feel RIGHT.  I called the nurse and she said, “You should head straight to Labor & Delivery.  I’ll meet you there.”  I wasn’t expecting her to say that.  I stayed fairly calm as I left work, thinking, “I’m sure they just have to check things out.”

That calmness quickly turned into panic by the time I got in my car.  Something came over me and I realized I might be having my baby TODAY.  I always try to pretend like I’m really good at “going with the flow,” but the truth is, I’m REALLY NOT.  I’m a planner.  I scheduled my C-section for November 4th and THAT’S when I was supposed to have this baby.

I got stuck in traffic.  There was an accident on Dodge Street.  FRICK.

I had been listening to one of my favorite songs on a CD in my car over and over.  It’s a random song that probably not a lot of people have heard: “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas.  It’s at the end of the movie “Meet the Robinsons.”  When I first heard it, I fell in love with it for some reason.  One this particular day, October 24th, 2008, all I knew was that this song had a calming effect on me.

When I got to the hospital, they hooked me up to the monitors, and just as I was thinking they will probably come in and tell me they could send me home, they came rushing in and said, “The baby’s heart rate is dropping rapidly.  We need to take you in for a C-section NOW.”  They tilted me back a little bit, put an oxygen mask on me to try to get oxygen to the baby, and started wheeling me out.  I had tears streaming down my face.  It was just a short time later that I heard the words, “It’s a boy!” and saw Easton for the first time.  The doctor told me the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, which was why his heart rate was dropping.  She said it was a good thing I came in when I did.

I don’t even like to think about what would have happened if I wouldn’t have called that morning.

Since that day, that song I listened to repeatedly on the way to the hospital for the purpose of calming my nerves now has new meaning for me.  Not only does it remind me of the day I had my child, which of course is sentimental for any mom, but I have come to understand what I believe that song means.  It might sound cheesy to some, but there is such a strong connection between that song, that day, and what Easton entering our lives has done for our family.

Just a sample of the lyrics:

Our lives are made in these small hours/These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate/Time falls away, but these small hours/These small hours still remain

Let it slide, let your troubles fall behind you/Let it shine until you feel it all around you/And I don’t mind if it’s me you need to turn to/We’ll get by, it’s the heart that really matters in the end

Songs mean different things to different people.  Here’s what this song means to ME: Enjoy the little things in life.  Time passes by very quickly and all of a sudden we wonder where it went.  If we can’t just STOP every once in a while and appreciate the people, things, and moments around us…what’s the point?  Yes, the big moments and events in life are of course important, but I believe the little moments that lead up to the big ones help define who we are.

I have a few pictures of Easton that I love.  The above picture is my #1 FAVORITE.  I snapped it with my phone on the Dumbo ride at Disneyland 6 months ago.  If any photo demonstrates enjoying the “little wonders” in life, this is IT.  What was he looking at?  I actually don’t know.  The ride goes around in circles and he was intently looking at SOMETHING.  Whatever it was, he was fully appreciating it and taking it in.  I wish I could do that. As I’ve written in a previous post, Easton reminds me EVERY DAY to enjoy the little things in life.

Let your troubles go.  Don’t hold grudges.  Negativity and anger suck the life out of you.  It’s how you handle situations, how you treat people, and how you look at the big picture that really matters.

I will NEVER get tired of that song.  It reminds me how lucky I am to have so many little wonders in my life.


2 thoughts on “Little Wonders

  1. LOVE this picture!!! and i’m going to go listen to this song right now….maybe i need to play it on repeat in my classroom to help keep things in perspective for me when my kids are having an “off” month….uh, i mean week…..uh, i mean day. yeah, an “off” DAY 🙂

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